Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucky number 13

I took this tonight.  I've never seen
a rainbow at night before.
It makes me happy:)
Today was my official weigh-in day.  I weighed in at 172 which means I'm down 7 pounds from last month.  Which also means...drum roll please...I have 13 pounds left to lose before I reach Dr. Stephen's goal weight for me.  He told me, just like Dr. Marmina told me last month, that they don't give the certificates out anymore.  I told him that he needed to give me one.  Dr. Stephen has also promised to find me one.  Even if they have to draw me up one with crayon, I want my certificate.  I worked for it dammit!!!! Alright, I'm not that irate, but I'd really like one regardless. You know me, I like stuff like that.  Certificates, medals...

I'm feeling good about moving onto maintenance.  I figure I'll just keep eating the way I am now.  I eat A LOT.  Ask anyone who frequents the Mandarin with me.  I eat a lot of meat and salad and veggies, and always until I'm full.  Right now my weight-loss is slowing down a bit, but I figure that my body is going to just stop losing when it's reached it's desired weight.  I haven't changed the way I eat at all. Right now my body fat percentage is 32.9 which puts me in the healthy range.  Who would have ever thought that I would have a healthy body fat percentage? Not me!

Something I need to work on is obsessing over running.  You think I'd obsess over the banana bread in my freezer, or the homemade chocolate chip cookies in the tupperware container on my fridge, or the unopened Halloween candy I got on sale.  But no!  I'm freaked out because I'm obsessing over my mileage for the week.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, the last two runs I did (Tuesday and Wednesday) were not the runs I had in mind.  This puts my mileage back about 5k for the week, and I'm playing over and over in my head how I can get the 5k back into my runs by Sunday.  Bottom line is I can't...without overdoing it.  And I can't take the chance of overdoing it and getting injured.  Then I can't run at all!  I just need to relax and move on already.  I will plan better for next week and all will be right with the world again.  Funny that, how running has taken over my life.  Again, who would have ever thunk!

Yesterday was Team Day at work and I spent the day with my new team.  We toured a local youth shelter in the morning, went for coffee and lunch, then did something I haven't done in years. We bowled.  It was fun, but I was done after one game.  Especially after I broke a nail!  By the time I got to my practice run last night, my arms were hurting. It was good to spend time with my co-workers because I'm new to the team and haven't really socialized with them much.  Nothing says I heart you like a stinky bowling alley!

Brings me back to high school when it was
actually fashionable to wear these.
I look like I'm modeling a bowling ball for
the Price is Right.

Check out that form!

So I didn't win, but I came in an admirable 3rd.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support, wonderful comments and emails.  It's been 13 months since I took control of my life, and I couldn't have done it without all of you.  Keeping myself accountable has been a huge factor in the success of my weight-loss. Writing my blog has been therapeutic in the sense that I have been able to be honest with myself and all of you about my lifelong struggle with obesity.  I hope I have become knowledgeable enough now not to make the same mistakes yet again.  Thank you for sharing your stories with me as well.  It's comforting to know that others have the same struggles, and really do understand where I've been.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. You will get your certificate. If anyone deserves one, it is you. You should also get an award for being one of the most inspirational people on earth. Every time I read Poonapalooza, I get more motivated. You have done so well. In 13 months you have totally transformed yourself into someone you really want to be and are proud to be. You have so much to live for and a long future ahead of you now. You may not have had that 13 months ago. Your running is very important to you. It may even be an addiction, but a great addiction. Don't let it slide. I know you will get right back on track next week. I am very excited for you. You only have 13 lbs left to lose. If I had it my way, I would like to see a big celebration in your honor when you reach your goal. You have helped so many of us when we thought about giving up or having that little cheat. Too me, when I see how well you have done and your dedication, commitment, drive and how your new life has changed your life, it gets me motivated again. Please keep writing Poonapalooza. It is good for you and great for us. S.

  2. And Yes, you look like one of Bob Barker's hot models demonstrating a bowling ball.

  3. I understand you've lost 117 lbs. If I find them, do you want them back;) Very commendable acheivement!

  4. You go girl. I also think you have the right idea for maintenance. We will just keep on as we are and when adding back a few calories they will be the kind of calories we are already eating - no carbs but lean meats, fruits, vegetables. I have read that we can trade one addiction for another so just be careful and stay at peace. Be careful out there today.

  5. Woo Hoo! A running addiction is a great addiction! Its funny how when we have a plan for running, biking or whatever our fitness plan is - and it doesn't work out it - we get really frustrated...says she who wanted to get in a fast 14 miles last night and ended up doing a slow touring pace 12 miles...
    You are an inspiration and I am so proud of you - cant wait to see the certificate! Keep on pushing.

  6. As usual, I think you rock and you look amazing and I'm so, so glad that I found your blog when I did! It has been awesome following your weight loss!

    I know you are a smart chick & therefore will not overtrain this weekend to get in your lost 5k :) Whenever you think of doing more than you probably should, just think of me in my boot, not being able to walk, let alone run!! :D

  7. You are doing such a FABULOUS job! You look fit and awesome :D

    My bowling scores... oy. We won't go there. Last time I bowled both of my children beat me. It's not my sport.

  8. Oh Leigh...I love your has to be one of my favorites...partly because I can relate to you so well. I think you have had an awesome journey and I hope you continue to blog thru maintenance---have an awesome weekend sweetie!

  9. You look so amazing and I am so proud of you! Fight for that certificate girl! I'm in a similar boat with obsessing over running...I haven't been able to get a proper run outside for just over a week due to illness and its driving me crazy! I thought it was ironic too that I'm obsessing about exercise instead of food - oh how our lives have changed!

  10. You've definitely got the right idea. Maintenance means keeping on with what you are doing. Wow! You can practically see the end of the losing weight part. I was a real slow poke and it took me close to nine months to lose around 40 pounds.

  11. How exciting to be so close to maintenance!! Woot!! :) Congrats. I hope you continue to blog when you reach maintenance. You have been such an inspiration to me.

  12. That is great that you are almost at your goal weight! Congrates

  13. I hope they get you that's all about the bling and such! Actually, you are doing great! How great to be so close to that goal. Awesome.

    I obsess over working out too...running, boxing, kettlebells...I just obsess over it all!

    Again, CONGRATS!

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